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Here you can find some stuff related to the game Prehistorik 2 by Titus Software. At the moment this "stuff" includes the following:

A trainer I made, giving you unlimited health and lives; old versions are here.

A cheat.

The game's music, in playable format.

All the sprites.

Maps of all the levels.

If you're a fan of Moktar/Titus the Fox, be sure to visit https://ttf.mine.nu!

- Jesses
Contact: mail at pre2 dot mine dot nu


Fri Jun 25 23:52:16 2021

Vacek has yet another surprise for us: level maps of the Game Boy version, known as "Prehistorik Man". Check them out on the Level Maps page.
Tue May 18 21:38:55 2021

CPC+ maps are updated: Vacek added most of the missing sprites, and various issues were fixed, including a grand banana correction on level 4.
Sat May 8 01:44:15 2021

Vacek has extracted level maps from the Amstrad 128K CPC+ version! Admire them on the Level Maps page.
Wed Mar 31 13:20:28 2021

LowLevelMahn has found and fixed the problem with DIET 1.45f only working on small partitions! See the Tech Docs part about Decompression for details, and link to a patched binary.
Sun Feb 26 22:05:26 2012

Added a TECH DOCS section, so those techies among you have something to play with! As with the MTF site, it describes the file format of Prehistorik 2's data files.
Thu Feb 16 00:07:08 2012

The site has managed to rearrange itself, shamelessly imitating the design of the Moktar the Fox site. As a bonus, the guestbook has now returned!
Mon Sep 5 05:55:25 2011

We have an illegal residence on the site! Namely, a trainer for Prehistorik, the prequel to pre2.
Fri Sep 17 07:32:30 2010

Prehistorik 2 got a single-segment speedrun in 9:47, done by Sanitars! Check it out here.
Mon Sep 6 14:41:24 2010

Kicked out the guestbook for the time being, to stop harassing you people with all the spam. A new version will appear.
Thu Jan 17 03:03:44 2008

It's time for an update again! The level maps got some fancy improvement; it should make it a bit easier to get the stylish 100% rating in a level.
Mon Jul 17 00:17:20 2006

A zip containing the game's sprites is now downloadable; the level maps in an undarkened state can now also be found, near the map pictures. Finally, the cheat description has been clarified somewhat.
Wed Jul 5 03:22:09 2006

Version 1.0.1 of the trainer is out: godmode on bosses now actually works.
Mon Jul 3 15:16:38 2006

Alright, since you folks are so eager to have the level codes I added a little cheat on this page. I might also build a code viewer in the trainer, but not today.
Wed Jun 21 15:09:22 2006

Added a guest book.
Thu Jun 15 20:59:08 2006

The level maps contain most of the sprites now; to properly see all sprites, I've darkened the tile background.
Fri Mar 3 23:18:29 2006

Added gates to the level maps!
Wed Mar 1 23:08:26 2006

New: everything...