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Added by Your name on Sun Jun 25 21:08:44 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Prehistorik II and Superfrog are the best platform games ever! Thanks for this site, It's really great. How did you made all that maps?

Added by ale on Sun Jul 2 20:11:43 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

thank you very much for the maps of the levels..You did a very great yob!!
I noticed that all the sprites are missing in level D and G..
You could insert a pass code generator in your trainer..
I think it would be very useful..

Added by Monica Rgnonti on Wed Aug 9 17:44:29 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

How do I get through the icy level where the wind starts blowing you back???????

Added by blackraptor on Thu Aug 10 01:44:34 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

awesome site. been looking for the level maps for some time now, thanks!

whoever asked the password related question: the passwords vary with each game version. so if you redownload the game or something, your old passwords wont work as the level passwords will be different.

Added by tafkan on Tue Aug 15 08:22:19 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

whats the passcode for lvl 9 in expert mode in like dead-code-food-00??

Reply by ale on Fri Aug 25 20:48:32 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

passcode for lvl9 in expert mode ->0013 Hi !!

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Added by Neclea on Tue Oct 3 16:24:20 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

This site contains EVERITHING about Preistorik 2... You're Incredible

Added by Miguel on Thu Oct 5 09:53:29 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game Prehistorik 2 has some fairls
on levels. At last level the game has a error that´s stop

Added by Very good site on PRE'2 on Thu Oct 5 14:43:30 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Those games are still great.
Can u give advice?
These are which I like in oldies:
- Dungeon Keeper
- Avish : Search For Exit
- Fury of the Furries
- Prince of Persia Classics

Added by Your name on Thu Oct 5 10:06:16 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

The passwords are

Beginner Expert
6A20 4660
1AC7 F706
CB65 22A0
A7A5 D346
7C04 83E5
5844 3484
08E3 6025
B981 10C4

Reply by My name on Sat Oct 7 14:21:28 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Your name, you are an idiot.
The passwords vary with each machine the game is runned on. So if you redownload the game or something on another computer, your old passwords wont work as the level passwords will be different."

Added by RocketGuy on Sat Oct 21 20:18:25 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

good site, played this game as a kid, good to see its still alive :)

Added by Lavender on Sun Nov 19 08:43:39 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

i don't know how to download the game and what the name of the game is. please send e-mail and tell me.

Added by roxi on Mon Nov 20 11:15:43 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

please send me this game.i have the game but dosen't work correctly.thanks

Added by Xardas06 on Sun Nov 26 21:45:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]


---------->WHOEVER DID THIS --->


soon im gonna post a music of pre2
with remastered sound

thanks again !!!!!!!

Added by XXL on Sat Dec 23 19:08:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks man!! 13 years later i can finish the levels at 100% :)

Added by oleg on Thu Dec 28 07:52:42 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi guys! how do you get to the top left corner in level five (the red woods)? i've tried doing it with the deltaplane, but it wouldn't reach the platforms :(

Added by Aleem on Sat Jan 20 07:07:52 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Please provide me the walk through of the levels and for the 100% bonus in each level. the secret weapons and the things and lives. How to take them. The path. Please email me to
Thank you.

Added by hasim_malihu on Mon Jan 29 03:48:05 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I like this game later version and hope get a new prehistorik 2 news tank's

Added by Savage on Fri Jan 19 08:26:12 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi guys, do you have any idea how can I get through the ice level when the wind starts blowing? I never got past this one :(.

Reply by Me on Sun Jan 28 18:45:49 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

How do I get through the icy level where the wind starts blowing you back???????

run from begining and you will come to the end

you must not stop and at the end don't yoump to high

Reply by Savage on Mon Jan 29 11:15:56 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks Me for the tip, I'll give it a try. I think I made a mistake by jumping too high - I ended up being blown to the start.

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Reply by MAURI2 on Sat Feb 3 14:46:04 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Procion on Sun Feb 4 03:56:53 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

wonderful site!

Added by MC_Laudt on Mon Feb 5 23:45:24 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

It's the best game!Thank you for music!!

Added by Your name on Tue Feb 6 21:25:47 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

your game is the best. I have it for about 10 years and I still play it in 2007

Added by on Sun Feb 18 22:54:13 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

LOL THX!!! I have this game about 13 years
and now I can pass all levels...

This is the best game if you have nothing to do :)))

Added by Frenkel on Tue Feb 20 21:13:49 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I've put a Prehistorik 2 Sprite dumper on my site at

Added by Eric ZMIRO on Wed Feb 28 23:06:40 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi !
Very nice job guys, but sommething is missing : The hidden photo in 640x480x16colors !!!

Reply by Ale on Fri Mar 2 20:04:58 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Eric..Could you tell us how to find out the hidden foto?

Reply by Your name on Sun Mar 4 22:15:08 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

You have to press leftCTRL leftALT E (in azerty keyboard) during the game. Exactly when a game over is occuring...

Reply by Your name too on Wed Mar 7 11:49:24 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Or you could simply finish the game :)

Added by easy on Sun Mar 11 15:19:32 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great site! Great job!
I think, this game must be immortal. 8)
How about level editor for Pre2?

Added by I_shot on Sun Mar 18 00:08:40 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

great site man.You're number one.I've searched so many site but i couldn't find a trainer.Althoguh i've been playing so long i couldn't finish the game.I hope i'll see it with your trainer..I have a question;I'm having trouble with the sound at can i fix this problem?I'm very unhappy about that...

Reply by easy on Sun Mar 18 17:22:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

>trouble with the sound at PC.
Download DOS-box, and run game in its window.

Added by sylvainulg on Tue Mar 20 10:28:05 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wonderful. There's nothing more i could say. All the fantastic stuff i've been lurking for sooo long ... The golden era when i played Prehisto2 the whole holydays, praying for the game not to bug at level 3 ...

And the original "Boula" song from the shareware demo ^_^


Added by cyborgjeff on Mon Apr 2 10:35:13 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

i love Titus, i love preshitorick 2.
so here is an old chip remix of Preshitorick 1 theme

more cyborgjeff tunes on

Added by Uday on Mon Apr 9 16:01:26 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

i have been playing pre2 for several years but can't proceed much without cheating software. I used GAME WIZARD which is no longer available. now i can go to the last level and complete it. anyone can tell me where game wizard is available?

Added by gurkjis on Tue Apr 10 09:38:23 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yes, I love too this game. How about Flash remake using ripped resources from original game? humm..

Added by kis on Fri Apr 27 11:50:58 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

And you could lay out on this site level editor for preshitoric 2
Beforehand thank.

Added by neph on Tue May 8 11:55:43 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi guys, does anybody know how I can get the hang-glider in the fourt level? I know I managed it when I was 10, but cannot find it out now!

Added by say on Mon May 28 00:45:58 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

can anyone score 100% in level 5?? there are something on the very top of the map but i cant reach them

Added by bfishy on Mon Jul 2 21:15:33 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Been looking all over for a site like this :D

Added by kajastancos on Tue Jul 17 19:13:28 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]


here are all the backgrounds:


Added by id on Wed Jul 18 14:59:43 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

great site , thanks

Added by BITCH on Tue Jul 24 08:38:12 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Haroon on Tue Jul 24 10:03:38 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Prehistorik 2 is the best game of all time! Thank u dude!

Added by nadav on Fri Jul 27 15:51:09 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Dudes, I'm desparate for help, in the second snow level i can't get past the wind, and when i do by pressing down forward i still get stuck, how do i pass this level? please help

Reply by laser21 on Sat Aug 4 08:14:26 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, you just have to press down and you are basically crouching. Its slow, but you dont have to care about the wind!

Added by ice on Fri Aug 24 15:04:50 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

How can I access the bonus levels? I know that the "entrance" of one of these can be found in level 2 but how about the rest (3 others, I suppose)? Thanks!

Added by ice on Sat Aug 25 08:57:44 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

In level 4, how do I get to eat the food and get the 1 ups and gems in the are near and below the starting point?

Reply by laser21 on Mon Aug 27 14:58:50 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I also have no idea how to get those...maybe with the glide? But I dont see someone, that could actually do that.

Reply by fifi on Tue Aug 28 14:52:55 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

after trying over and over again i found out that the "wall" right next to those is breakable if hit!But you loose if u fell in the pit. i tried jumping on little dino's head while hitting tew wall but either i kill the dino after a couple of hits or i fail jumping on it! gggrrr.i even tried " trapping more dino's but the most i can get are three not the moving block above give me more trouble! any idea?

Added by rom guttman on Wed Aug 29 11:48:35 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I *~LOOOOOOVE~* this game!!!
Prehistorik is the best game ever!!

but every time i finish the underground stage it tells me that i am not an expert :( even that I got there with out a code.

what sould I do in order to get the next (and last) level??

Added by Gee on Wed Aug 29 17:08:35 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello everyone! This is an awesome site, I've been playing Pre 2 since I was a kid. although, I need a little help... On the map of level 5 (tree houses9, I've recognized there are big food stuff at the very top of the level. I've tried to reach them with the glider, but to no avail. does anyone know how to get them? The other thing: I cannot pass the second icy level, just with max of 78%. I've discovered the two secret gateway to some extra points, but stil. If anyone could give me some advice how can I reach the expert mode and play the fortress level, by answering these questions, please send me an e mail. my adress is
Thank you very much!

Added by Gee on Wed Aug 29 17:10:59 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Oh and one more thing. I've read some comments here, and I think creating a level editor for Pre 2 would be an awesome idea, if it's possible somehow...

Added by Gee on Thu Aug 30 10:51:33 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

DYou have to do the bonus levels too, to reach 100% at each level?

Added by a.g.b on Sat Sep 1 14:26:14 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

woooow! the prehistorik2 is the best game ever and after. most attractive than f***ing complicated 3d, high detailed, ultra high graphix games!!!

Added by Outer on Tue Sep 11 12:27:34 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Does anyone know how to handle the glide? And how to get all the goodies at level 4?

Reply by Your name on Tue Sep 11 17:10:22 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

There are big scores at the bottom of the level, below the spikes... I've used the 500 point jumping dino to reach them. It will cost many lifes, but as far as I know it's the only way to get all of them.

Reply by WxxxW on Fri Sep 21 14:57:10 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

2 Outer & all

Oh ! That f***ing (flying I mean %)
glide at 4 level !!!
Have Fun !!

Added by Dori on Thu Sep 27 11:47:09 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi everybody!
I have a question about level 7 (the snow) in prehistorik 2 and the quistion is: How can I get to the not "for women" light???

help me please :D!!!


Added by Dori on Sun Sep 30 10:27:39 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi there,
I'm trying to find a software that could help me film me while i'm playing in prehistorik 2.

if anyone knows one, i will be glad to talk to him...

thanks anyway,

Added by grawity on Sun Sep 30 14:31:35 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

awesome site, how did you make the level maps?
do you know how to view/unpack the .sqz files?

for level code posters: please post your OS (DOS/Windows/DOSbox) and version, since Pre2 uses different codes for every system type.

Added by grawity on Sun Sep 30 14:39:56 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

F1 = die
F2 = die game over
F3 = mute/unmute sounds

Added by grawity on Sun Sep 30 14:34:38 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

btw, the centered text isn't easy to read.

Dori: try Ctrl Shift F5 (Ctrl Alt F5?) in DOSbox

Reply by Dori on Mon Oct 1 11:12:39 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanks for the advice, but, i don't know how to use DOSBOX...
could you help me finding another software or, explain me how to use it?...

thanks anyway,

Reply by grawity on Tue Oct 2 17:53:28 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Dori: e-mail me to: grawity [at] gmail [dot] com

Added by anonymous on Sun Oct 21 20:40:23 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have a problem - after finishing level 7 my game continues with level G which I am not able to complete. Please help.

Added by Jon on Wed Nov 7 05:04:59 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey, where can i download the game?
used to play it when i was kid, wanna play it again.. where can i get de pre2 exe?

Added by water on Sun Nov 11 14:21:56 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

How does one pass the snow level? Thanks

Reply by water on Sun Nov 11 14:30:51 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Based on the map, the exit is somewhere above but the caveman dies when I try to fall somewhere above the exit...I tried exiting through the "for women" exit. However, after arriving at the exit of the latter level (snow level # 2), the screen freezes the mpment the caveman arrives at the rightmost part of the screen.

Added by skalda on Sun Nov 18 04:57:41 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

if someone's interested in how to reach bonus in level 4, watch this video:

and for the snow level... before wind starts to blow, get most up-right, then you should be able to descend through "stairs" completely down and then, the semaphore is in the wind direction...

Added by tygr.karlos on Sun Nov 25 15:30:28 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Excellent site man. I love this game since childhood. Especially thanks for the level maps, that´s something I´ve been always looking for ;)

Added by mirex on Mon Nov 26 19:45:18 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi I love Prehistorik 2 and Titus the fox. They are one of best games ever. They have great gameplay and gfx.
Thanks for the webpage !

Added by Your name on Mon Dec 3 09:24:17 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

how can i download pre2 with trainer????????

Added by water on Thu Dec 6 15:42:42 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

There are 3 "straw-and-sandwich" levels ryt? (Straw and sandwich because these are bonus levels where jumps and walks on straw and sandwiches) One can be found after level 2, another one after level 4. Where can we find the other one? (Looking at the maps, I'm referring to L12.png). Thanks!!

Reply by water on Thu Dec 6 15:43:12 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

*where one jumps and walks

Reply by The Prehistorik 2 Oracle on Wed Dec 12 18:25:12 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

In level 3, in the upper right corner, there's also an exit to a bonus level, or "straw-and-sandwich" level.

Added by Sertalp Bilal on Sat Dec 22 20:33:02 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

:) Thanks so much. This game is the best game ever.

Added by Gee on Sun Dec 30 20:10:51 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Happy New Year to all fans of Pre 2!;D

Added by Zoli (SSDB) on Mon Dec 31 15:17:25 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

It's a great site with very useful information :) This was my favorite game when I was a kid, and now I can finish it and see everything on the maps, what I hadn't once... Thanks for it && thanks for those who uploads videos to YouTube with your tool to help everybody :)

Happy new Year to every Prehistorik 2 FAN !!!

Added by Zoli (SSDB) on Thu Jan 10 15:02:20 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I did my best on level 2 with 83% could anyone make better? How?

Added by tanzeem on Sun Jan 20 12:21:34 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you very much, the maps and the cheat are just gr8.....

Added by ALLAN on Mon Jan 21 16:49:51 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Xarthok on Tue Feb 12 01:08:47 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

there was a glitch in the Titus site and I somehow posted same message several times and was banned :( please unban me, I love your sites man!

Added by shinygirl on Thu Feb 21 13:26:26 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

prehistorik2 is a very funny game!
i have played this game since 1994.(i was 7 years old.^^)
now i am 21 years old but always fun!!

Added by Xarthok on Sun Feb 24 14:15:08 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

You should divide this site into sections like the Titus site, the guestbook is taking too much space and makes things hard to find!

Added by PH on Wed Feb 27 17:46:15 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Het loopt meestal vast'
toch leuk spel!

Added by norbert stefan on Fri Feb 29 16:24:10 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

can i get a save option?

Added by norbert stefan on Fri Feb 29 16:28:01 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

why are the freezes

Added by norbert stefan on Fri Feb 29 16:37:59 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Anyone knows what can i do to the paper flyer in the uderground on level 4?

Added by norbert stefan on Fri Feb 29 16:43:50 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

ok i can find it (read down)

Added by lele on Sun Mar 16 14:36:37 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

damn, this is tha biggest gam eva...

Added by bob on Fri Mar 21 03:46:06 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

any chance you could use your expertise (ie trainer making) to let us change the default keys or even play with a gamepad?

Added by Zwxklnr on Tue Mar 25 13:13:34 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by NILLIX on Fri Mar 28 10:33:49 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


Reply by Pre2Fan Supér on Fri Mar 28 12:03:47 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found the format of .SQZ files. They are compressed as data files with a "cruncher" called DIET. You can extract them in this manner: DIET -R example.sqz

Added by nina on Tue Apr 1 14:12:11 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Anyone knows how can i fly with the paper flyer?

Added by nina on Tue Apr 1 18:46:26 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I've found some usefull info (how to fly too :) - so try the url 2/PREHIST2.DOC

Added by klezita on Thu Apr 24 06:41:56 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I love historik ^_________^ I have the disk 5 1/4 yet, it was my first game when i was a child, thanks for the litle web!!!

Added by GameBop on Mon Apr 28 22:24:56 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Something I've always been wondering since I was a little kid -- what's with the 1-up in the lower left corner in Level 5?

Added by milan on Thu Apr 24 14:01:55 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

hello, van magyar? pl. zoli?:D

Reply by Pre2Fan Supér on Thu May 8 08:49:50 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

igen van magyar :D

Added by MAHMUT on Sat May 10 11:34:26 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Pre2Fan Supér on Sat May 24 11:42:14 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Please make Level or Item editor for PRE2!

Added by matpenang on Fri Jun 6 23:36:43 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

hail webmaster...

Added by on Sun Jun 8 00:00:46 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Nicolas on Wed Jun 11 03:59:09 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Este juego es lo mas, lo jugaba de chico en el colegio junto con el Titus The Fox, la verdad se pasan muchachos.

This is one of my first games ever, really you are very cool man. Thanks for this awsome game.

Added by Mike on Sun Jul 6 03:58:35 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

really good page

Added by Your name on Tue Jul 8 16:45:53 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great website. Can you give a link where we can download the prehistoric 2 game.

Added by melissa rae on Mon Jul 14 00:44:50 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanks for the trainer, codes, maps and stuff. btw do you know where i can download superfrogs?

Added by Alessandro on Thu Jul 31 16:41:15 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Quanta fatica ho fatto, senza tanta grafica un gioco che mi ha fatto proprio divertire.

Added by cowsinthongs on Sun Aug 3 04:39:22 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

WOW! i cant believe i found this game again! i played this game when i was like 7 years old and it was one of the best funniest games i ever played. thanks!!!

Added by Pilarha on Sat Aug 16 06:12:29 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I love this game....but can anyone tell me how can I get the items in the top of the trees on lvl 5 ????

Added by WhiteEagle on Wed Aug 20 19:44:46 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Well Done,
but we are waiting for the level editor. You've it done already for Moktar/Titus the Fox. Whats the problem, you have it almost done!??? Or do you need help? Why don't you publish it as Open Source (GPL) at sourceforge?

Added by Noid2223 on Thu Oct 23 20:45:57 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Please visit my site:

Added by ramsss on Sun Nov 9 14:59:19 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi all,,, i really' like this game, is there anyone can share me this old game? Please...can you send it to me by email..thank a lot for your help dude!!!

Reply by Noid2223 on Wed Nov 12 11:57:46 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

to ramsss: I can send you this game. what is your e-mail address? or: I can give you a download link.

Added by belal on Fri Dec 12 03:06:47 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanx alot realy many years took me to finish this dam game but with no success
till i found your website!!!!
again thanx

Added by Eloy on Mon Jan 19 05:49:12 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

I download the DIET and decompress the SQZ files, but I can't compress it again.

I test several combiantions: "DIET level1.sqz","DIET -d level1.sqz", etc. But always says "No files to be processed!".

Do any knows how to compress it?

Reply by Eloy on Mon Jan 19 05:50:20 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Note: You must search it as "diet145f".

Reply by Noid2223 on Mon Feb 2 10:09:43 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

To Eloy: Not all files are re-compressable. It seems like it`s an ERROR.

Added by Your name on Tue Mar 17 15:16:44 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

hahaha just amazing !!!!
thnx brother! 18 years and old still playing

Added by BlackRacer on Thu Mar 26 14:25:05 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

How many has passed years, and game is live! Thanks to founders of a site, the new has learnt a lot of.

Added by Szilvia on Tue Mar 3 23:56:08 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Could you help me? How can I play it on Win XP? I downloaded DOSBox, but it does'n work. :-((

Thanks, Szilvia

Reply by McLaca on Sat Apr 18 00:44:57 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Szilvia! Use DosBox Portable! (Or send me an e-mail: mc(dot)laca(at)freemail(dot)hu

Added by Murat on Thu Apr 30 13:29:53 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi! i like this game very much and sometimes i play it, i can finish. :) However it's hard to finish all the levels 0 and i found this site. Especially maps and trainer helped me very much. Thx a lot !

Added by Noid2223 on Mon May 11 09:59:36 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Very good site
the creator of
noid2223 "at" null "dot" net

Added by xXxALEXANDRxXx on Fri May 22 15:16:40 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Отличный сайт, узнал много нового. В игру играл последний раз 12 лет назад, сразу захотелось вспомнить детство.

Added by uber super on Sat May 23 10:47:40 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

thank you very much i love this game forever

Added by Your name on Sat May 23 17:25:57 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

tnx alot

Added by winarno on Sun Jun 7 05:10:47 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

thank alot Excellent work, Nice Design

Added by Giorgio - Iraklara - Salonica on Fri Jun 26 20:22:15 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi! Thanx for all the great work you've done here. Pre2 is one of my most favorite games. I've been playing it on my x386 15 years ago (finished it without cheats) and I've rediscovered it thanx to your site!

Added by Giorgio - Iraklara - Salonica on Fri Jun 26 20:24:30 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hint for all the people who can't pass the snow storm: If you keep the down arrow pressed the wind can't blow you away. ;)

Added by MARIELA on Mon Aug 17 04:58:43 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Rob on Tue Aug 25 10:02:47 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Cool site.

Added by Your name on Wed Nov 11 15:06:49 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

hau doe i get in the casel wat aar de codes voor vista home premium ? end haw doe i acte vate expert mode ?

Added by Your name on Tue Dec 22 06:46:49 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

saludos desde ecuador! soy fanático a este juego y me ayudo bastante tu Website muchas gracias!

daniel vicuña.

Added by Arkan on Thu Dec 24 13:07:08 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Man, i loved this game when i was a child and im proud it still rocking hehe.

Added by Domoljub2 on Wed Feb 3 02:21:04 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

How to make your own room????
I would like to make one level?!?!?!??

Added by Veri on Mon Feb 22 17:04:41 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow, this is really amazing, especially those maps, it's very useful:) thx a lot

Added by Hitchmeister on Sun Mar 14 19:04:46 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I love prehistorik 2

Added by Your name on Sat Apr 24 16:14:04 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

paolo conte

Added by НеееТ! on Wed Jun 2 19:43:33 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

please update your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Added by No Name on Wed Aug 11 20:26:26 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Русские все и везде горазды спамом завалить!!!

Added by Trox on Fri Feb 17 23:09:45 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Very nice page xD. I'm a fan of this game too, I know every part of this game xD. I even know the game's bugs; why you don't do a section about buglist too?

Added by Your name on Sun Feb 19 00:07:19 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

hey!! Im so happy to have found this site! Its amazing how many fans this game still has! :))

Added by Kevin_SV_ on Mon Feb 20 23:19:59 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Played it first time when i was i'm almost 23 and i still like it heheheh

Added by wendy on Fri Feb 16 10:50:59 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have desperately been trying to get 100% in the first level (just for fun), but I can't get it! I'm trying to find out if it is actually possible at all (I don't care about the other levels, just want to see it for 1 level). The best I can do (using your level map) is 95%, any idea what I could be missing? Thanks!

Reply by DookNookim on Sat Feb 17 16:18:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I've got 100% in level 1.
Here's a video.

Reply by wendy on Mon Feb 19 11:30:50 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you so much DooNookim for that video! The only thing I was still missing was at the very top (where there's a spider and a little green dragon) where you hit close to the spider's web. Thank you!!!

Reply by DookNookim on Tue Feb 21 21:58:19 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

5 years already? And almost 155000 views, wow! Too bad I lost my YouTube-password.

Reply by PrehFan on Thu Feb 23 17:25:00 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey, I've done it for 3:32 for record. U can be faster. :)

Added by OCTAGRAM on Sat Feb 25 18:14:36 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

A music section should probably have Cracktro by Drax (or does it?)

Reply by PrehFan on Sun Feb 26 11:13:34 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

OCTAGRAM, no way. It's not official music, moreover it's a cracked copy of Pre2.

Added by PrehFan on Sun Mar 4 18:06:41 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey, I was thinking about the 768th byte in level.
Hm... Can it be linked with music? 7 & G have the same byte. Did you try to replace these bytes with something else?

Added by A. on Thu Mar 8 11:33:42 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can't wat for level editor :)

Added by on Thu Jun 7 12:25:12 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]
Here is level editor, is not it?

Added by kamra on Thu Jun 28 10:08:48 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

i still love n enjoy this game!! :)

Added by Gabriel on Sun Jul 1 14:50:43 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you very very much for increasing our nostalgia! ;-)
Long live to abbandonware scene and DOSBox!

Gabriel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Added by Adam Romulo on Mon Jul 2 08:22:44 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

It is very nice to have this amazing game back in my Win7 OS.. I played this game in 1998 when I was in the junior high school.. What a long 14 years.. And now, I can play this game again, just to refresh.. Thanks a lot..

Adam, Rancaekek, Indonesia

Added by Cetin on Thu Aug 23 00:08:14 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

can u give we a link for download game

Added by vania on Tue Dec 4 20:14:24 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

i just love this game.i havent played it since i was a kid and now i finally found it... im really happy

Added by Rodrigo on Sat Dec 15 04:04:18 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

este juego me recuerda mucho mi infancia

Added by robby eko indonesia on Wed Dec 19 07:41:39 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

makasih atas cheatnya, aku main game ini umur 9th, meski harus dimarahin ato dijewer paman tapi aku gak pernah kapok, hehe

Added by Armando Ivan on Thu Jan 3 03:58:45 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Finalmente lo terminé, desde los 90's lo jugaba en una pc 486dx2 con 16 mb de ram.

Added by Korean on Tue Jan 15 10:19:17 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

I like prehistorik music!
but File is .mod
I want .mp3
How can I convert .mod to .mp3?

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jan 15 20:17:24 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

You can do that by using any .mod player that supports output to disk. One example would be Winamp with the disk writer output plugin. If the files it creates are .wav, just convert them from .wav to .mp3.

Added by Tony on Tue Jun 11 21:20:00 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow. I'm astonished with this website.
This game reminds me about my childhood and I'm very happy to find such a complete information about this game. Starting with the complete maps till other technical details, this website is amasing.
Thank you very much =)

Added by Rustik on Fri Jul 12 14:53:53 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great thanks for that game! It is a big part of my childhood. I haven't deleted this game for nine years as a memento (then I had to change my computer).

Added by alex on Mon Jul 22 10:28:30 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

cool! great job!

Added by Serebriakov on Tue Aug 13 09:34:32 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi! I think you need add music from cracked version of the game that plays in the beginning on Hybrid demo .
You can download it from:
This file is the same as that which is contained in pre2.exe. You can check out the melody, if unpack pre2.exe with unlzexe and searching signature in hex-editor.
The official website of the author of this melody
Listen to this track you can in any winamp-compatible player via a plug

Added by Peter on Sat Aug 31 18:11:06 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greetings from Armenia and thanks for the good job. Especially for the trainer and maps. some 20 years hav passed but pre2 still rulez.

Added by on Mon Jul 3 14:16:06 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Could you give me passwords, please.
I can't pass this game after 4th level!

Reply by on Tue Jul 4 10:31:14 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I recall that the passwords differ for some reason. That is, I had a list with passwords, but they didn't work anymore when I downloaded Pre2 again recently.

Reply by andy on Mon Nov 11 22:25:58 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

The passwords were generated randomly, so that you cannot give them to a friend :) However you could use a cheat to start from any level, I think those cheats are in this website.

Added by Joso on Fri Nov 15 16:03:43 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

I read all comments but didn't find ayone who knows how to pass level7 snow without going in "For women..." semaphor.

I can see shortcut near 3 fridges in upper right corner of the map that puts you right above other semaphor (this one not for women :) but caveman dies instantly after teleporting there. Is it bug or are we supposed to be women to pass the level he? :)
IMO other semaphor should have "For men..." text :D

Added by Joso on Fri Nov 15 17:56:16 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

nvm found solution for lvl7
I tried few other teleports, and while they worked, caveman still died.
So here is how to pass lvl with other semaphor (the one that's not for women)

there are 2 ways to do this: longer(more bonus %) and shorter way(speedruns)
1.) longer way - for best bonus
go through lvl until you reach 3 fridges, then continue going left till you step on platform with big banana bonus, 3 hearts and skull.
If you look closely and check map the tile where skull floats is actually moving platform! Step on it (ignore skull exploding) and tap left lightly until platform activates and drives you to the semaphor...FOR MEN! HIYAAAAAAAAAA!!!
(this platform will activate when caveman stands half way on platform, and other half in air to the left.)
2.(much) shorter way - good for speedruns
check map for lvl7. notice location of red popsicle and 2 moving platform above it - this is where we go.
(NOTE: Platforms are hard to see, almost invisible, but check map for their location.)
From start just go right until you get to the red popsicle. Right above it is first platform - we need to hop on it. For this you can lure spider that comes from left (in expert mode) or bear that spawns little right from it.
Jump on either of them and then on first platform. It will lift you up almost enough to reach floating ground but you can't jump there. Instead, jump from moving platform all way to the right when it's in highest position. If done correctly you will end up on (almost invisible) platform that will lift you up to the floating ground. Then just go left until you reach platform with big banana bonus, 3 hearts and skull. From there follow solution described above (1.way) GL.

Added by Robert on Thu Nov 21 02:59:05 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi! nice game, I love it :)

Does anyone reached more than 100% in level 7? (snow level)... why is second part of lvl 7's map without the bonuses and the traffic light? there's only two cavemans floating on the sky :(

Added by MePollus on Wed Dec 4 21:13:49 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

If I play the game from the TITUS cd-rom in DOS-mode there is an extra " instrument ". It's melody is very simple and it starts not directly but after a little while. First I thought it was a failure but it's in the rhythm of the music and sounds like it's programmed. I don't hear it in the dosbox or in your music files. Any idea ?

Reply by Robert on Sat Dec 7 04:47:03 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can you post it? because I'm curious too.

Reply by MePollus on Mon Dec 9 18:47:41 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ok! I have to make a configuration for recording because by Phone the sound is terrible. Come back before Christmas ...

Reply by MePollus on Mon Dec 9 19:51:35 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

But here a preview :

Added by Robert on Wed Dec 11 21:46:45 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ok I listened to it, you might have another version, probably the CD version or something. Curiously too, is that level 3 doesn't have the fuchsia graphics. So yeah, you might have another version.

Added by Mepollus on Thu Dec 12 19:36:15 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

No! This release is just the original. The prehistorik 2 game was good protected against copying. The "fuchsia" 3 level is just a result of the Hybrid crack ...

Added by Mepollus on Thu Dec 12 20:23:32 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Added by MePollus on Thu Dec 12 21:07:20 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Added by Robert on Tue Dec 17 11:35:37 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Oh I see. So I always had a copy not the original :(.... I've been playing copies since younger. Well it doesn't matter too much, at least the gameplay is exactly the same right?

Added by MePollus on Fri Dec 20 22:41:15 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yip ... It's the same gameplay ... sometimes a colorfault ... sometimes a big area visual artifacts ... just play and enjoy!

Added by ArturoG on Wed Jan 15 22:24:13 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is difficult, with this game I remember my childhood. Thanks ;)

Added by Rui Caldas on Sun Jan 26 17:06:15 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

One of the first games I've played on PC.
It deserve an remake!... challenge acepted!

Added by addictive on Thu Feb 20 13:11:43 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

I just re-installed it and realized I used to be 10 times a better gamer when I was 8 :(
And PLEASE MAKE A NEW ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one day...

Added by Oleg on Thu Mar 6 03:37:44 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Good games. Oleg, Russia, Novosibirsk

Added by Raluca on Sat Mar 22 18:37:04 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you

Added by Pinguin on Sat Apr 5 07:59:08 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Runs nice on linux in dosbox. I played this game almost 18 years ago! Is there source-code available? (I'll try to run it natively on linux)

Added by Stanley on Sat May 17 21:21:49 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

the best game ever made! perfect website, keep up the good work:) Prague

Added by Sheshbazzar on Mon May 19 17:47:25 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you for such a noteworthy work! One has to appreciate a site where "content" doesn't mean glitter. From Odessa, CCCP via Tunisia.

Added by MePollus on Tue Jul 22 19:23:53 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]
Switch to HD 1080 and enjoy maximum quality

Added by Emil HD on Thu Nov 6 11:03:49 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

greetings from Indonesia. this game is one of the best ever.
i remember playing it when i was a college stud. now i'm playing it again via DOSBox plus trainer mode hahaha.. it's really fun!

Added by Carlos Bispo on Thu Nov 6 19:19:26 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

So, pure nostalgy reading this. As a programmer i was very interessed in tech docs. Do you think is possible to port this game to Android? Is it legal?
Best regards from Portugal

Reply by Jesses on Fri Nov 14 22:07:39 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

I think it would be legal as long as you do not distribute anything that's part of the original game (i.e. data files, just let users supply those). Code needs to be written from scratch anyway, since it's x86 assembly and I doubt there are many Android devices out there that have an x86 CPU and EGA-compatible graphics :)

Something similar to OpenTitus (for Moktar/Titus the Fox) would probably be best, i.e. keep it as generic as possible so other platforms can also benefit. I believe Android has an SDL implementation available already, although it is a newer version than the one OpenTitus uses and not backwards compatible.

Added by Alessandro Heitor on Sun Nov 23 01:58:06 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

ah this game I marked my childhood from the time I had use of reason before when teni four years or three years my uncle gift me a disc with many more games including two Prehistorik 2 and others but also in 2012 when my dog died in then for first time through the game complete whole truth and thank you too often that this great game I think thank you very much

Added by Prax on Fri Nov 28 13:53:10 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for this website, it's amazing!!
BTW the games pre1 and pre2 are available for Android, though the gameplay is horrible.

Added by Dario on Sun Dec 28 02:35:36 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, im in the process of converting/porting this incredible oldie to mobile platforms, with new levels probably. There is a question haunting me, do you know the author of graphics artwork? Everything is so balanced, details in the minor stuff are great. Even the programing, character control....everything, period. The game has culling, you can see that the bottom animations stop when the character is located hi in the screen.
Who made the graphics??? looks like french school, somebody who grow up on André Franquin :-)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jan 6 22:14:24 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Dario,
The main graphics and background were created by Francis Fournier, while Lyes Belaidouni designed the monsters and heros (source: in-game credits, also see Mobygames).
Looking forward to your port! Do let me know once it is done, so I can put up a link :-)

Added by chris on Wed Jan 7 00:22:31 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

great site.... gj

Added by cho! on Thu Jan 8 21:20:57 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

it's so great game! thxs for this site

- from south korea.

Added by LukegaX on Thu Feb 12 14:45:56 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

nice site ! :D

Added by Jose on Fri Mar 6 17:32:13 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

I can't download diet, can you upload it in your page?

Reply by Jesses on Fri Mar 6 19:12:54 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Not sure if I can just offer it as download here, but here's a direct link to the original download:
It seems that the site has some external link prevention thing: just copy-paste the link into a new tab instead of clicking it.
It's a LZH archive, 7-zip or winrar should be able to open that.

Reply by Jose on Fri Mar 6 20:52:05 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow, thanks my friend!! I love this game since i was 4 years old. Now i'm 18. Thanks from Argentina :)

Added by Joel Chan on Fri May 1 06:36:27 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Was looking at where they keep old dos games, and notice pre2 in

just play it off the broswer! brilliant.

Just want to send out shouts!
Great work, I did notice that, it says when loading the game!

"It's 2015 and I built the game in 1993" lol!! not affected by the 2K bug at all!

Joel Chan

Added by Horvath Bogi on Sun May 3 16:02:30 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Cheat codes dont work, why? :(

Added by Alessandro on Mon May 25 03:37:24 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found a way to edit their levels of this great game without any program SQZ only use the file and a bit of wisdom

Added by Alessandro on Mon May 25 03:40:58 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Here's how to run the game Prehistorik 2 in windows 7 and 8 this is a small tutorial, no matter the Spanish only matter which way this fixing
see you :

Added by Darkdissy on Wed May 27 20:12:24 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Here's a tutorial on how to activate the hack of infinite lives and so head
Here's a simple little tutorial on how to activate this hack to Prehistorik 2, and also here creating my new edited Level 1 Prehistorik 2 to be my own level and watch this video to know more

Added by Alper AKTAS on Sat Aug 15 13:05:08 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

I can't forget my old memories. This was like sugar in my mind.

Added by Gabriel on Wed Aug 26 16:52:14 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Amazing this game, it brings the good old days back!

Added by FS on Thu Jun 22 22:03:25 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Am I the first one who puts something in this guest book?
Prehistorik 2 is much more fun than Titus the Fox.

Reply by Cesar Vincenty on Fri Oct 23 21:27:53 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Excelente juego, me trae muchos recuerdos, gracias al programador o programadores.

Added by Fenix on Sun Jan 10 21:49:07 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

this game is awesome

Added by dorel on Wed Feb 10 05:17:15 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by crapshooter on Fri Feb 19 23:47:56 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

I can never get to the traffic light on Level 7 "Tough guy", no matter if I go wit' da wind, I can't reach that exit wit' da two 1ups! What am I doin' wrong???

Reply by Robert on Wed Mar 2 01:54:24 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

It is actually very precise when you must jump, I've only done it like 1 or 2 times. I can't help you more, just keep trying or use the other exit.

Added by Jose Banegas on Mon Jul 25 12:56:12 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Here you can get the original game, without Hybrid crack, in the Fox Collection. Now we can play the correct version, included the right colours in level three and another things


Added by __Vano on Sat Oct 22 00:23:34 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

In, the 1st penguim is not there. Likewise, I don't see the 2 teleporters at the start of the map. Confirmed those around refrigerators though.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Oct 27 19:58:43 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

That first penguin might be one of the downhill sliding ones.
I don't think those teleporters at the start can be reached, although they would make excellent speedrun material!

Oh well, at least level7.png resembles the level fairly good. Please don't have a look at levelg.png :)

Added by GURAMA on Thu Nov 3 02:59:18 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello friend, try to play the game version 1.0.1 in DOSbox for Windows 10, but when I select the file sends me error, asking the PRE2.EXE file, I need to do to fix it? Thank you

Reply by Jesses on Thu Nov 3 18:20:14 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

The "1.0.1" thing is just a trainer. You need to find a copy of the full game and store it in the same directory, in order to use the trainer. If you have the game already, make sure it contains the PRE2.EXE file.

Have fun!

Added by charlz on Thu Oct 27 15:24:09 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Question: what is point, reason of score (collecting food and killin mobs for points)?
I understand that thre is kinda achievment at te end of each level to get 100%, but beside that - why? Why killin enemies they drop points? Whats more - jumping couple times on the enemy it gives even more points if killed.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Oct 27 20:00:57 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Probably the point is to have bragging rights to finish a level, perhaps with x % and y points, and make it to the next one!

Reply by fernando on Tue Feb 7 01:30:32 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

If im not wrong i remember than witha certain amount of points you win lifes.

Added by Your name on Fri Feb 24 14:06:21 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great game and great page, I could remember the hardest levels, I haven't played it for 20+ years. Thank you!

Added by Yubin Lim on Thu Jun 1 17:08:36 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

I were happy with titus games.
Thank you.

Added by nat on Tue Jun 20 14:33:27 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

playing another run through :) loving it

Added by Carlos Bispo on Thu Aug 10 12:32:59 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi,Im creating a sprite editor and it seems last sprite has wrong height too. You r file tell me that has 32 pixels, but really has 23. Greeting from Portugal

Added by Sam Lee on Sat Oct 21 13:38:19 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

I think Prehistorik 2 is the best game I have played.

Added by Your name on Sun Nov 26 14:02:50 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

About the backgrounds ...

When running the game, every time before playing a level, everything that is needed for this level is
decompressed and placed in the memory. The backgrounds are in the sqz format. To modify them
decompress the files with DIET to the origional size. The background w x h is 320 x 200 pixels.
After decompressing the file size is 32000 bytes. 0h - 7CFFh or 0d - 31999d.

The visible area of the background is 176 lines. The scorebar takes 24 lines. The first line of the scorebar
creates a border separation and takes a light color from the active colortable. The last line is always a
black one. While running the game there is always one colortable active and everything shown on the
screen in a typical level is based on that one colortable.

About the color of the pixel ...

The pixelcolor is based on the planar methode. However the result of the calculation per pixel is a pointer
to the colortable and not a direct RGB color. A colortable in Prehistorik2 is based to output 16 colors so
there are only four bits needed to address a color. The colortable itself creates a 24 bit output that
can address a full RGB color for a pixel.

The four bits that are needed to address the pointer to the colortable comes from the uncompressed
background file. The file is a sommage of four parts that represents the 320 x 200 pixel image.

Plane0 0h - 1F39h. Totally 8000bytes. Every bit from the byte is used to address one pixel color.
So 8000 * 8 = 64000 pixels > W x H 320 x 200 = 64000 pixels.The first pixel is
Top-left oriented. The value found on address 0h is the first bit ( of /4 )
that is used to address the pixelcolor.

Plane1 1F40h - 3E7Fh. Again 8000 bytes for a complete image. Address 1F40h contains the
second bit ( of /4 ) that is needed to address the pointer to the colortable.

Plane2 3E80h - 5DB7h. Address 3E80h the third bit.
Plane3 5DC0h - 7CFFh. Address 5DC0h the fourth bit. etc. etc.

Thus at the moment prehistorik2 launches a level it shoots a colortable into the memory
that is used for that level. So even with the same background the colors can be different.

Look at my movie that I posted here :

The first three levels have the same background just with a little bit different colors.

Thanks for reading.

Added by Azur on Mon Dec 25 06:59:12 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for this game, its was the symbol of my childhood on the PC

Added by Floppy disk on Sat Mar 10 14:28:19 2018 - [Reply][Permalink]

Does anyone have the original floppy of this game? If you do, please email me

Added by Alexander on Thu Jun 7 16:43:12 2018 - [Reply][Permalink]

Prehistorik 1 is mediocre game but prehistorik 2 is real great. I love 2D platformer. After playing all modern 2D castlevanias, megaman x games, raymans and all big 2D new super Mario bros games i hope someone release upgraded 2D prehistorik 2 for 3ds or Switch.
For info exist prehistorik 2 style game for nintendo If need good old fealings.
Try emulator. This game is like prehistorik 2..

Added by hamaboost on Tue Oct 30 03:56:55 2018 - [Reply][Permalink]

Bro, I'm from Peru and man, you have no idea how many hours I spent on this game as a kid.
Oh boy.
This site is a blessing.

Added by PescadorGama on Sat Feb 9 07:02:09 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow I loved this game when I was a child, recently replayed it for the nostalgic feel and I didn't remember, but there is a message in level 7 that says "for women" if you take the easy route, that didn't age well lmao.

Added by Frenkel on Fri Apr 12 21:15:48 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

It looks like there's a demo version of Prehistorik 2, just like there's a demo version of Titus the Fox.

Added by Martin on Mon May 20 18:39:13 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, I tried your Trainer but it doesn`t work. The game starts when i run your file but there are no unlimted lives & Energy. Am I doing something wrong? I run the game on dosbox Turbo for Android. Regards Martin

Reply by Jesses on Sat Jun 1 17:56:43 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Martin!

Hmm, it's been a while since I made that trainer. Maybe you are running a different version of pre2? I tried it on the Hybrid version, where PRE2.EXE has a crc32 of d06d4e9d (lzexe'd).

Which game version are you using?

Added by Alejandro on Mon Oct 7 18:39:49 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can I edit the levels of this awesome game?

Added by __Vano on Mon Oct 17 22:18:48 2016 - [Reply][Permalink] is distorted - about 3 times slower than it should be.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Oct 27 19:52:47 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Huh, that's odd. I could swear the mods played at the proper speed last time I checked, but every modern mod player I throw them at (xmplay, modplug, vlc) plays them too slow, and not only pres.mod.

These mods are directly extracted from the .TRK files of the game using DIET. Probably the game's mod player works in a funny way w.r.t. speed compared to modern players.

Reply by Lukas on Mon Oct 14 15:10:21 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello, I've been listening to the MOD files, and indeed, this MOD in specific plays extremely slow, and even a few OST rips on youtube replicate this issue!

I tested using Winamp's in_mod plugin, and I only had issues with pres.mod, oddly enough. Makes me wonder why this file in specific has this issue...

Added by Carlos on Fri Nov 15 23:30:34 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Amazing!!, editing levels (like Titus the fox) would be great!.
Keep the good work!! (sorry my english)

Added by retrogamer on Sat Jun 13 15:53:58 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Has anyone modified the game high score can go above 9,999,999 and not reset?

Added by Jose on Mon Dec 23 18:50:41 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

I'm working on a mod with new levels. It's going to be titled Prehistorik 2: The Lost Levels. Soon im going to upload news

Reply by Alejandro on Wed Apr 8 17:10:24 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

I'm working on a mod with new levels. It's going to be titled Prehistorik 2: The Lost Levels. Soon im going to upload news" OH MY GOD any news??

Reply by retrogamer on Sat Jun 13 15:56:23 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Good work, please modify high score limit as well, so it can go above 9,999,999.

Reply by José Luis on Tue Jun 30 03:22:42 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great!, introduce new food. Playing Prehistorik 2 always makes me hungry haha

Reply by Your name on Tue Aug 4 00:21:47 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello, we can see progress of the project

Reply by galileo on Thu Oct 15 05:07:28 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Best of luck with it, we'll be very glad to try it out once you've done!

Added by retrogamer on Tue Jun 2 08:19:57 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have finished all level 100 percent, except one (level 8 crystal). It won't go above 76%. Is it like that or it can be more?

Reply by galileo on Thu Oct 15 05:12:13 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

I think I had that happen to me too, even with all the items checked. Make sure you don't miss the two secret teleports for some hidden goodies. Otherwise it could just be a bug.

Added by Ezequiel on Wed Nov 25 04:24:32 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for sharing all this amazing info about the game, specially the tech docs. I enjoyed reading that, can't imagine how many hours it took to debug and reverse engineer all that info.

I just finished the game for the very first time using DosBox SVN-Daum which allows you to save state :) Cheers from Buenos Aires!

Added by James Nordmar on Tue Dec 15 20:37:40 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Fixed Pres Music:

Added by GhostWarrior on Sat Dec 26 20:27:23 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Modification some items and enemies

Reply by OtoTheCat on Sun Dec 27 01:07:02 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

How it's possible? you have uncompressed with diet and playing with the SQZ files?

Reply by GhostWarrior on Sun Dec 27 10:03:17 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Uncompressed SQZ and edit memory with Cheat Engine

Reply by OtoTheCat on Sun Dec 27 12:58:35 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

and how can you recompress the uncompressed files? because with diet i can uncompress but not compress

Reply by GhostWarrior on Sun Dec 27 13:38:58 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

I did not recompress SQZ. Me only needed info about game objects.

Added by GhostWarrior on Thu Dec 31 11:42:51 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found some bug for item "157.gif". It has an image "158.gif" (this sprite use two item) and cost 8000. There are two identical things in the game (8000 and 200 costs).

Added by Oscar on Tue May 4 15:17:11 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hola HIJOS DE PUTA por vuestra puta culpa e tenido que formatear el pc descargue los archivos de música teniendo Windows Vista y cada vez que iniciaba windows o hacía cualkier cosa dejaba de responder.El juego es un juegazo pero kitar esa puta mierda de ahi mecago en dios!

Reply by on Mon Aug 19 12:09:54 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

No creo que los archivos *.mod tuvieran nada que ver.

Reply by patikas on Fri Jan 8 16:37:06 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Anda a secarte los mocos primero y luego aprende a usar computadoras.-

Added by Pavel on Wed Jan 27 01:48:04 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is a real treasure! Thanks a lot!

Added by Alejandrogeno on Tue Feb 9 15:51:13 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

anda a saber quien fue el genio que importó es juego en la argentina.

Added by Antonio on Mon May 31 06:05:28 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Grew up with this game and now it's actually cool to see where are the missed prizes :D

Added by Zorg on Fri Jun 18 10:11:58 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

This is the best game ever!

Added by Pandator on Fri Jul 9 05:41:53 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wish for some very good remaster of this classic, not remake. Prehistorik man was also pretty awesome adding some life to the game with new features and enhancements.

Added by Bulkius on Thu Jan 13 20:42:07 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

IM drunk! Thanks for the site, sure brings memories back!

Added by Daniel on Sun Jan 23 18:14:10 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello, look the wonderful work
these guys have done:

Added by James Nordmar on Sun Jan 30 19:24:05 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Updated link on the Fixed Tempo 'Pres' Music:
Prehistorik Poem {carte,code,boula,glace,presenta mixed & arranged by me into a MEGA Epic new song :D}

P.S. thanks again for this amazing site.. it is part of my life for more than 15 years now !
my original comment states that i will post a remastered soundtrack soon (Xardas06 on Sun Nov 26 2006) LOL i tried it a while back but it ruined the authenticity of the music when i replaced the instruments with newer ones.
so today i just enjoy the original sound :)

Added by Oliver on Sat Jul 16 11:13:53 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Amazing site, keep it up please!

Added by Pinkio the Rolling Sky dude on Sun Sep 4 03:12:21 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

it's funny how i was born on 2004 and played this game on either 2008 or 2009 as one of my first games ever, back then i got stuck at level 3 which i remembered thanks to the fuchsia graphics (now i learnt it's because of the Hybrid crack LOL that's pretty sussy amogus okno)

i remember beating this game back on 2014, but using the secret codes... i think? i was 9 or 10 back then oof

now i'm 18 years old and i'm considering giving this game a serious re-try sometime, though the last thing i did with DOSBox was playing Commander Keen on like 2020 i think so i'm not used to the controls at all for now

Yeaaa... His game is still working on 2022! And it will keep working forever! (?) lol

PD: i remembered this game because i saw a 7 Grand Dad rip on SiIvaGunner and that made me mentally do a list of pre-historic games i know ._.xd

PD 2: me pregunto cómo se traduciría el nombre de este juego a español, saludos desde Guatemala por cierto :v

Added by pre on Mon Sep 19 13:39:12 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Victorina Fitzhardinge on Sun Oct 23 19:29:27 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Fedor on Wed Dec 28 21:06:40 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Has anyone already said that there is no level 4 map? :)))
amazing site ! :)
I started playing Preh2 on 286 when I was young
now im 41 and still playing )
btw i'm still young :)

Added by Jose on Sat Feb 18 15:59:31 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

Does anyone know why those bones are at level 9? This is the only time in the game where you can pick up bones without being thrown by an enemy first.

Added by David on Wed Jul 12 18:08:22 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello! I finally figured out how to make new levels for Prehistorik 2. I also made a website for him, where you could play the new courses online from a browser. But only then did the black soup come. I see that the game is not abandonware, it can be bought on GoG and Steam. I don't think it would be legal to make it playable on my own website. I also wanted to display a donate button so that players can donate. How can I solve this problem? One idea I have is to require proof for registration that the prospective user has purchased the game and then I would be legally protected? That's a question, of course. And what would be the proof I'm asking for?

Added by David on Sat Aug 5 07:44:51 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

New levels after 30 years :-)

Added by Michal on Thu Aug 24 05:38:31 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

God damn good work with those tech documents! I always dreamed of having a peak a the prehistoric source code and maybe even trying to modify some levels or make something new, and now I can:-)

Added by Marcos on Mon Dec 18 14:20:37 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

I also played this game to death 30 years ago on my 286 12MHz, 512Kb of RAM, slow VGA card, 14 inch monitor bith big black bars, and internal speaker. I was 10 years old or so back then. But I finished it! I cant imagine how many times I tried.

By the time, I was spending hours programming on Quick Basic and trying to understand assembly and DOS interrupts. I remember reading the assembly code at the credits and thinking "woah that must be a clever way of programming the video card so refresh rate is faster". Today I discovered it would just restart the computer, it was a hacker prank!

Not so long ago I discovered, using PCEm emulator, that the game is unplayable on 486 machines, due to some cache optimization. Never noticed back in the day as I jumped straight from the 286 to a Pentium. Then I also discovered it had music!

I still have the 286 at my parents house, and I recently overpowered it with a Sound Blaster 16, another 512KB of RAM and a faster ISA VGA. Now plays Prehistorik 2 as I wish it could back in the day!

For the last 30 years I've been eagering to run this game on DosBox with the silky smooth scrolling and panning effects of the difficulty level selection screen and scrolling map introduction. Finally I got it to do so with a 70Hz video mode (I use an old CRT on a XP build for retro gaming) and DosBox-ECE (probably vanilla DosBox would also be able) configured to 10000 cycles (about a 40MHz 386).

I absolutely love this game, and love to see others still remember it. Thank you for maintaining this site alive with all this cool information. Greetings from Spain!

Added by JamesNordmar on Fri Jan 5 06:30:34 2024 - [Reply][Permalink]

I was surprised to find out that there was no subreddit for this game so I opened one myself... I will repost my music and fixed ost there
and also mention this site as a must resource for everything game related!
recently this game got a special award as a Top 10 most played games by me...
have a good year 2024 and again thank you for all who contributed and the site owner / admin you are amazing !!

Reply by James Nordmar on Sat Jan 6 16:38:47 2024 - [Reply][Permalink]

after 30 years Prehistorik has a subReddit :D

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