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Added by Joso on Fri Nov 15 17:56:16 2013

nvm found solution for lvl7
I tried few other teleports, and while they worked, caveman still died.
So here is how to pass lvl with other semaphor (the one that's not for women)

there are 2 ways to do this: longer(more bonus %) and shorter way(speedruns)
1.) longer way - for best bonus
go through lvl until you reach 3 fridges, then continue going left till you step on platform with big banana bonus, 3 hearts and skull.
If you look closely and check map the tile where skull floats is actually moving platform! Step on it (ignore skull exploding) and tap left lightly until platform activates and drives you to the semaphor...FOR MEN! HIYAAAAAAAAAA!!!
(this platform will activate when caveman stands half way on platform, and other half in air to the left.)
2.(much) shorter way - good for speedruns
check map for lvl7. notice location of red popsicle and 2 moving platform above it - this is where we go.
(NOTE: Platforms are hard to see, almost invisible, but check map for their location.)
From start just go right until you get to the red popsicle. Right above it is first platform - we need to hop on it. For this you can lure spider that comes from left (in expert mode) or bear that spawns little right from it.
Jump on either of them and then on first platform. It will lift you up almost enough to reach floating ground but you can't jump there. Instead, jump from moving platform all way to the right when it's in highest position. If done correctly you will end up on (almost invisible) platform that will lift you up to the floating ground. Then just go left until you reach platform with big banana bonus, 3 hearts and skull. From there follow solution described above (1.way) GL.

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