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Added by Dario on Sun Dec 28 02:35:36 2014

Hi, im in the process of converting/porting this incredible oldie to mobile platforms, with new levels probably. There is a question haunting me, do you know the author of graphics artwork? Everything is so balanced, details in the minor stuff are great. Even the programing, character control....everything, period. The game has culling, you can see that the bottom animations stop when the character is located hi in the screen.
Who made the graphics??? looks like french school, somebody who grow up on André Franquin :-)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jan 6 22:14:24 2015

Hi Dario,
The main graphics and background were created by Francis Fournier, while Lyes Belaidouni designed the monsters and heros (source: in-game credits, also see Mobygames).
Looking forward to your port! Do let me know once it is done, so I can put up a link :-)

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