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Added by MePollus on Wed Dec 4 21:13:49 2013

If I play the game from the TITUS cd-rom in DOS-mode there is an extra " instrument ". It's melody is very simple and it starts not directly but after a little while. First I thought it was a failure but it's in the rhythm of the music and sounds like it's programmed. I don't hear it in the dosbox or in your music files. Any idea ?

Reply by Robert on Sat Dec 7 04:47:03 2013

Can you post it? because I'm curious too.

Reply by MePollus on Mon Dec 9 18:47:41 2013

Ok! I have to make a configuration for recording because by Phone the sound is terrible. Come back before Christmas ...

Reply by MePollus on Mon Dec 9 19:51:35 2013

But here a preview :

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