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Added by __Vano on Mon Oct 17 22:18:48 2016 is distorted - about 3 times slower than it should be.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Oct 27 19:52:47 2016

Huh, that's odd. I could swear the mods played at the proper speed last time I checked, but every modern mod player I throw them at (xmplay, modplug, vlc) plays them too slow, and not only pres.mod.

These mods are directly extracted from the .TRK files of the game using DIET. Probably the game's mod player works in a funny way w.r.t. speed compared to modern players.

Reply by Lukas on Mon Oct 14 15:10:21 2019

Hello, I've been listening to the MOD files, and indeed, this MOD in specific plays extremely slow, and even a few OST rips on youtube replicate this issue!

I tested using Winamp's in_mod plugin, and I only had issues with pres.mod, oddly enough. Makes me wonder why this file in specific has this issue...

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