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Added by Carlos Bispo on Thu Nov 6 19:19:26 2014

So, pure nostalgy reading this. As a programmer i was very interessed in tech docs. Do you think is possible to port this game to Android? Is it legal?
Best regards from Portugal

Reply by Jesses on Fri Nov 14 22:07:39 2014

I think it would be legal as long as you do not distribute anything that's part of the original game (i.e. data files, just let users supply those). Code needs to be written from scratch anyway, since it's x86 assembly and I doubt there are many Android devices out there that have an x86 CPU and EGA-compatible graphics :)

Something similar to OpenTitus (for Moktar/Titus the Fox) would probably be best, i.e. keep it as generic as possible so other platforms can also benefit. I believe Android has an SDL implementation available already, although it is a newer version than the one OpenTitus uses and not backwards compatible.

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