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Added by Pinkio the Rolling Sky dude on Sun Sep 4 03:12:21 2022

it's funny how i was born on 2004 and played this game on either 2008 or 2009 as one of my first games ever, back then i got stuck at level 3 which i remembered thanks to the fuchsia graphics (now i learnt it's because of the Hybrid crack LOL that's pretty sussy amogus okno)

i remember beating this game back on 2014, but using the secret codes... i think? i was 9 or 10 back then oof

now i'm 18 years old and i'm considering giving this game a serious re-try sometime, though the last thing i did with DOSBox was playing Commander Keen on like 2020 i think so i'm not used to the controls at all for now

Yeaaa... His game is still working on 2022! And it will keep working forever! (?) lol

PD: i remembered this game because i saw a 7 Grand Dad rip on SiIvaGunner and that made me mentally do a list of pre-historic games i know ._.xd

PD 2: me pregunto cómo se traduciría el nombre de este juego a español, saludos desde Guatemala por cierto :v

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