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Added by wendy on Fri Feb 16 10:50:59 2007

I have desperately been trying to get 100% in the first level (just for fun), but I can't get it! I'm trying to find out if it is actually possible at all (I don't care about the other levels, just want to see it for 1 level). The best I can do (using your level map) is 95%, any idea what I could be missing? Thanks!

Reply by DookNookim on Sat Feb 17 16:18:46 2007

I've got 100% in level 1.
Here's a video.

Reply by wendy on Mon Feb 19 11:30:50 2007

Thank you so much DooNookim for that video! The only thing I was still missing was at the very top (where there's a spider and a little green dragon) where you hit close to the spider's web. Thank you!!!

Reply by DookNookim on Tue Feb 21 21:58:19 2012

5 years already? And almost 155000 views, wow! Too bad I lost my YouTube-password.

Reply by PrehFan on Thu Feb 23 17:25:00 2012

Hey, I've done it for 3:32 for record. U can be faster. :)

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