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Added by ice on Sat Aug 25 08:57:44 2007

In level 4, how do I get to eat the food and get the 1 ups and gems in the are near and below the starting point?

Reply by laser21 on Mon Aug 27 14:58:50 2007

I also have no idea how to get those...maybe with the glide? But I dont see someone, that could actually do that.

Reply by fifi on Tue Aug 28 14:52:55 2007

after trying over and over again i found out that the "wall" right next to those is breakable if hit!But you loose if u fell in the pit. i tried jumping on little dino's head while hitting tew wall but either i kill the dino after a couple of hits or i fail jumping on it! gggrrr.i even tried " trapping more dino's but the most i can get are three not the moving block above give me more trouble! any idea?

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